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How Do I Collaborate with my Research Team?

When you add additional project team members in the Project Team Info tab, the application form becomes available to them for review and edit. All project team members who want to review the application will require an IRIS account. Team members external to Ontario Tech University can register for an account and will receive immediate access to IRIS. After the team member creates an account, they can be added to the project as a team member.

Only one person can edit the application at any given time. When someone selects the Edit button to work on an application, the application will be ‘locked’ for editing. When an application is locked, other team members can view but not edit the application. The lock is removed when the researcher closes the application.

If a project team member does not close the application properly (i.e. the browser window is closed instead of using the Close button on the application), the editing lock is not removed. Other project team members will be locked out of editing the file until the researcher with the editing lock logs back into IRIS, opens the file, and then closes it using the Close button.

When collaborating on an application, it can be useful to use the project logs to view which team member edited which application question and when they did so.

Note that while all project team members who have a registered IRIS account can review and edit the application, only the Principal Investigator (PI) can submit the application. The submit button is not available for project team members who are not the PI.

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