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Have an IRIS Login Error?

If you are running into a login error, you may use the following checkpoints to assist you in successfully logging into IRIS:

Log-in Page: Ensure that the correct login page is being used to access your profile:

Students/External Researchers are required to create an IRIS profile prior to the initial login. Once a profile has been created, you may login using your email address and password:

Ontario Tech Faculty Members may simply login to IRIS using your Banner ID and Network Password.

Browsers: The recommended browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Edge. Please try to avoid using Internet Explorer, as it tends to cause inconsistent issues. If a browser is causing errors, please try logging in using another browser. For example, if you are using Chrome, please try using Firefox.

Cookies: If you have tried to login multiple times recently, you may be displayed with an Error message. This is because IRIS may still think you are logged in based on your web history. To get past this, please go into your browser history and delete any cookies/cache relating to IRIS.

VPN (Ontario Tech Faculty/Staff Members only): Although VPN access is not required to login to IRIS, we have found that researchers are able to access IRIS easier after they connect through VPN.


For additional assistance in logging into IRIS, please contact the IRIS administrator at