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Strategic Research Plan

Faculty members at Ontario Tech University are deeply engaged in intensive, innovative research that covers the full spectrum of academic inquiry, from exploring fundamental science and scholarly questions to working on applied projects that respond to global challenges.

In addition to contributing to disciplinary scholarship and addressing global issues, Ontario Tech researchers collaborate with businesses and organizations in Durham Region and Northumberland County on a local level to find solutions that address specific industry and economic needs.

As Ontario Tech continues to plant its roots in the research community, the university has set three goals for establishing a trailblazing and dynamic presence in the context of Canadian and Global academic research institutions:

  • Build effective and sustainable partnerships with our academic and scientific collaborators, and with industry and community-based agencies and organizations.
  • Enable our researchers to become global leaders and innovators.
  • Improve the competitiveness of our researchers nationally and internationally.

After extensive research, deliberation and consultation with the Ontario Tech University community, the Office of the Vice-President Research and Innovation has identified six key theme areas in its 2013-2020 Strategic Research Plan:

  • Advanced manufacturing for 21st-century innovation.
  • Education for the 21st century.
  • Energy and the environment.
  • Human health and community wellness.
  • Information and communication technology and informatics.
  • Life sciences and biotechnology.

2013-2020 Ontario Tech University Strategic Research Plan summary 

2013-2020 Ontario Tech University Strategic Research Plan