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How do I change the PI?

By default, the person creating the application is identified as the Principal Investigator (PI) in the Project Team Info tab. There are some instances in which the person creating an application will not be the PI for the project, such as when a research co-ordinator prepares the application or when there is a student lead on an REB project.

The PI must have an IRIS account before you can change the PI. All tenure-track faculty at the university will have an IRIS account, but students, external researchers, and non-tenure track faculty/staff must register for an account. Once the PI has registered, you must search for the PI account; do not type in the PI details. To search for and select the PI account on an application:

  1. Click the Change PI button on the Project Team Info tab (see Figure 1).
  2. Type in the last name of the PI, click the Search button, and then click the Select button beside the PI (see Figure 2).

Once you change the PI on an application, you must add yourself as an additional project team member. The system will not allow you to save the application until you have selected your IRIS account as an additional project team member.

Note: The system will only allow the PI to submit an application. Research co-ordinators, student leads and/or post-doctoral leads cannot do this on their behalf. Once the application has been created and the appropriate PI has been selected, communicate with the PI that an application is ready for review. The PI must then log in to IRIS, review the application, acknowledge any certification questions, and then submit the application for review.

Figure 1: Change the PI from the Project Team Info tab

Change the PI from the Project Team Info Tab

Figure 2: Search for and select the PI

Search For & Select the PI

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