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Brilliant Energy Institute

The Brilliant Energy Institute (BEI) builds upon the energy research and expertise at Ontario Tech University to meaningfully contribute to Canada’s leadership in the global transition to net zero by 2050, and to strengthen outcomes regionally, provincially and nationally, here at home. Our work supports deep decarbonization, sustainability and equitable access to clean, safe, abundant energy necessary for prosperity, quality of life, and climate resilience in communities across Canada and worldwide.

Helping Canada transition to a clean energy future

The Brilliant Energy Institute, with partners across Canada and internationally, is working to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and push back climate change, while amplifying the benefits to Canadians through clean energy.


Knowledge and Data Centre

The metrics, data and information necessary to inspire, inform and track the transition to net zero

Research and Innovation

New discoveries and advancements in clean technologies that together create clean energy systems to power our future

Workforce Development

Diverse and effective workforces for a new energy era through strategies, education, training and work-integrated learning

Collaborative Learning

People working together through early engagement and learning opportunities as we build a clean energy future

Energy Sustainability

Energy that powers Canada’s socio-economic goals while protecting our ecosystems and building innovative, healthy communities

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Brilliant Energy Institute

A Change Agent for a Clean Energy Future

The Brilliant Energy Institute is helping Canada to:

Generate innovative clean energy technologies

BEI supports the advancement and effective operation of low-carbon technologies like hydro, renewables and nuclear, including small modular reactors while decarbonizing other sources through innovative technologies.

Integrate low-carbon energy into our communities

Through electrification and clean fuels like hydrogen, BEI and Ontario Tech researchers are working to safely, cleanly and affordably power our transportation, built spaces, municipal services and industry.

Create a better world through people working together

Through knowledge sharing, engagement with Indigenous peoples and others, as well as through our own participation in energy management, we can ensure the changes we make during this period of unprecedented investment and change will bring the greatest benefit to all people.


BEI News

On Pi Day 2022, BEI Executive Director Jacquie Hoornweg talked about how we can all be part of the clean energy transition. Learn about the energy challenge ahead and find out how BEI and Ontario Tech University are working to meet it head-on. BEI and Ontario Tech partner with community and provincial organizations to drive toward net zero.


Join Us at the Brilliant Energy Institute

It is a massive undertaking in front of us to push back climate change and protect our ecosystems while strengthening our social fabric and powering our economy. It will take the efforts of government, industry and communities, as well as a diversity of individuals from all walks of life, working together.

Join the Brilliant Energy Institute as we work together to shape the future.


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