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We build meaningful relationships with industry, government and community partners that provide actionable results. Connect with us at any time to explore potential opportunities for collaboration.

Office of the Vice-President Research and Innovation 

Les Jacobs, PhD, FRSC
Vice-President Research, Innovation

Energy Systems and Nuclear Science Research Centre (ERC), Room 2062
ext. 3267
Vivianne Sharpe, BA
Senior Executive Assistant
ERC, Room 2064
ext. 5420
General inquiries for Office of the Vice-President Research and Innovation
ext. 5420
Office of Research Services
Jennifer Freeman, MSc
Executive Director, Research Services
Campus Corners, Room 2310
ext. 3176
Elisa Beverley, BSc
Administrative Assistant
Campus Corners, Room 2311
ext. 3692
Nicola From, BSc
Administrative Assistant 
Campus Corners, Room 2311
ext. 6138
Sanjana Pillai, BEng
Research Business Analyst

Campus Corners, Room 2320
ext. 6230

General inquiries for the Office of Research Services
ext. 3692
Grant Development

Laura Rendl, PhD
Manager, Grants and Funding Programs


  • Health Sciences
  • Science
Campus Corners, Room 2321
ext. 6244

Lisa Kozycz, PhD
Grants Officer


  • Energy Systems and Nuclear Science
  • Engineering and Applied Science

Campus Corners, Room 2322
ext. 2569

Ewa Stewart, MA
Grants Officer


  • Business and Information Technology
  • Education
  • Social Science and Humanities
Campus Corners, Room 2324
ext. 6584

Osman Hamid
Director, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, Brilliant Catalyst 

ERC, Room 2065
ext. TBA

Connor Loughlean
Administrative Assistant, Brilliant Catalyst

ERC, Room 2100
ext. 5431
Jeffrey Peng
Program Officer, Brilliant Catalyst
ERC, Room 1084
ext. 6522
Karen Zavitz, MPA
Manager, Brilliant Catalyst
ERC, Room 1084
ext. 2380
General inquiries for Entrepreneurship:
Partnerships and Innovation

Aisha Greene, MSc, MBA, CHE, PMP
Manager, Research Partnerships and Innovation 

Campus Corners, Room 2313
ext. 6229

Raluca Dubrowski, PhD
Research Partnerships Officer

Campus Corners, Room 2315
ext. 5307

Yvonne Mais
Project Co-ordinator

Campus Corners, Room 2319
ext. 2205
Justin Gammage, PhD
Industry Liaison Specialist
905.441.6968 (cell)
General inquiries for Partnerships
Intellectual Property and Contracts
Candi Gogar, JD
Legal Counsel, Research 
Campus Corners, Room 2312
ext. 6185
Joe Miller, BSc
Intellectual Property Officer

General inquiries
Campus Corners, Room 2314
ext. 3786
Research Ethics, Compliance and Safety

Francis Arnaldo, MSc, CRPA(R)
Biosafety and Radiation Safety Officer

Campus Corners, Room 2316
ext. 6316

Emma Markoff BA

Research Ethics Assistant

Campus Corners, Room 2319
ext. 6192
Janice Moseley, BSc
Research Ethics Officer
Campus Corners, Room 2317
ext. 3693
General inquiries for Research Ethics and Compliance

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