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How Do I Clone a Previous Application?

If you need to create a new application that is significantly similar to a recent application you previously saved or submitted, you can clone the previous application to save time. Note: The application must be the same type (e.g. application for ethical review, secondary use of data, multi-jurisdictional review, etc.).

Here are the steps to clone an application:

  1. Find the application you would like to clone from the quicklinks on the IRIS home page.
  2. Select the Clone button (see Figure 1).
  3. Select which tabs you would like to clone (see Figure 2). The Common Questions tab contains the application-specific subtab and application questions, and in most cases should be selected (see Figure 2).
Figure 1: Cloning a Previous Application

Screenshot of IRIS homepage. Red circle shows “clone” button to clone a previous application.

Figure 2: Selecting which Tabs to Clone

Screenshot of “Application Form Clone”. Text in image: “In most cases, you will want to check the common questions (this copies the application-specific questions in the subtabs)”. Text points to red circle highlighting the “Common Questions” tick-box.


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