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Faculty Services


The Office of the Vice-President Research and Innovation offers centralized services to support the goals of all researchers and act as the central co-ordination point for research grant, partnership and contract services.

Specific services include:

  • Funding
    • Identify opportunities and offer grant development support for faculty researchers.
    • Kick-start approved research projects. 
    • Manage research funds and identify next steps. 
  • Research partnerships
    • Identify potential partners and support the development of new research partnerships.
    • Recommend appropriate partnership funding programs.
    • Liaise with partner to develop a research contract.
  • Ethics and safety

    Support for all research regulatory and compliance committees including:

    • Animal Care Committee
    • Biosafety Committee
    • Radiation Safety Committee
    • Research Ethics Board
  • Intellectual property (IP)
    • Mobilize intellectual property and disseminate research.
    • Support IP protection, commercialization, and mobilization.
    • Provide educational talks, and IP assessment and market analysis for new invention disclosures.
  • Undergraduate student research
    • Co-ordinate the Undergraduate Student Research Awards program.
    • Host annual Student Research Showcase.
  • Policy and procedures
    • Establish and implement research policies and procedures.
  • Liaise and advocate
    • Communicate and advocate with research funding agencies, including the tri-council, other government agencies, foundations, community organizations and private companies.
  • Post award activities
    • Co-ordinate extensions, significant changes to budgets, changes to research team/interns, company partners, transfer of funds, etc.