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Faculty Services

The Office of the Vice-President Research and Innovation offers centralized services to support the goals of all researchers and act as the central coordination point for research grant, partnership and contract services.

Specific services include:

  • Funding
    • Identify opportunities and offer grant development support for faculty researchers.
    • Kick-start approved research projects. 
    • Manage research funds and identify next steps. 
  • Research partnerships
    • Identify potential partners and support the development of new research partnerships
    • Recommend appropriate partnership funding programs
    • Liaise with partner to develop a research contract
  • Ethics and safety
    Support for all research regulatory and compliance committees including
    • Animal Care Committee
    • Biosafety Committee
    • Radiation Safety Committee
    • Research Ethics Board
  • Intellectual property (IP)
    • Mobilize intellectual property and disseminate research.
    • Support IP protection, commercialization, and mobilization.
    • Provide educational talks, and IP assessment and market analysis for new invention disclosures.
  • Undergraduate student research
    • Co-ordinate the Undergraduate Student Research Awards program.
    • Host annual Student Research Showcase.
  • Policy and procedures
    • Establish and implement research policies and procedures.
  • Liaise and advocate
    • Communicate and advocate with research funding agencies, including the tri-council, other government agencies, foundations, community organizations and private companies.
  • Post award activities
    • Co-ordinate extensions, significant changes to budgets, changes to research team/interns, company partners, transfer of funds, etc.