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eLearning Module for Researchers - Knowledge Management and Communication

Researchers across the natural sciences, sciences, engineering, businesses, humanities and social sciences in Ontario are rapidly generating important findings and new knowledge as leaders in Canada and internationally. However, managing and communicating that knowledge is rarely part of formal training or ‘know-how’. Further, researchers may not have explicit strategies for connecting with industry and government partners to move the knowledge forward. Knowledge Management is an integrated approach to defining, structuring, retaining and sharing knowledge. It also involves networking, building community partnerships, and understanding market uses. Knowledge Management has at its core, the purpose of sharing knowledge in a strategic approach with the right partners at the right time in order to reduce overlap, inform policy and decision-making, and accelerate innovations.

Throughout 2021, the Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation worked very closely with seven other Ontario universities to produce an eLearning module for researchers – faculty members, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students – that guides them through some of the core issues that those in universities often face, but are rarely taught. 

Knowledge Management and Communication Module

This is a free resource that combines subject matter expertise and knowledge from across the province. This resource was designed specifically for those researchers seeking to improve their understanding of knowledge management and communication best practices. 

Topics covered in the module include:

  •           Communication Tools and Strategies
  •           Social Media
  •           Community Engagement and Collaboration
  •           Data Sharing and Usage
  •           IP and Commercialization
  •           Influencing Policy