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IP Mobilization

The creation and dissemination of knowledge is central to how we make an impact.  Researchers often identify gaps or needs in our society, and provide solutions that were developed through methodological approach.  These solutions that are created typically represent novel IP.  The challenge researchers often face is how to mobilize the created IP and reach its targeted audience.  IP mobilization, and in most instances referred to as technology transfer, is a vital component of any research project that is looking to making an impact.  The Office of Research Services (ORS) is here to assist researchers in reaching their intended audience/users.    

Technology Transfer Services

Technology transfer is a process that allows research findings, knowledge, and intellectual property to flow from its creators to public and private users. When most people think about exploiting and dissemination of intellectual property, they imagine startup businesses and active capitalistic goals. While that is certainly one way of reaching target audience or users, there are others.

Here is a short video about technology transfer by the World Intellectual Property Organization:

Regardless of your goals for disseminating and mobilizing your IP, the Office of Research Services is here to help you. 

Commercial Mobilization of IP 

We support the commercialization of IP by identifying funding programs, facilitate partnerships, negotiate commercial agreements, and assist in start-up creation. The strategy forward is based on set of factors that include: 

  • Stage of development of the IP
  • The scalability of the IP
  • Investment needed to reach the market
  • The founding team plans, ambitions and resources

Many funding programs related to commercializing IP are available. In most cases, access to these funds is restricted to projects managed by the university. In cases where the IP is managed by the university, we assist in writing the grant applications, and provide commercialization and IP strategy, along with other supporting documentation.

For more on this, please see Commercialization Process section.

Non-commercial Mobilization of IP

If you are planning to place your IP in the public domain via open-source platform, we will advise you on an approach to ensure no one exploits your IP commercially without proper authorization from you. We can also craft any necessary agreements to protect both the creator(s) of the IP and the university from liability in addition to:

  • Ensure the IP has no obligations to any third-party
  • Help secure funding for disseminating research results (e.g. through a community-based organization).