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The Region of Durham, in partnership with Durham Regional Police Service, has launched CityStudio Durham – an online portal where municipal staff post regional projects for engagement with post-secondary faculty and students to engage in and co-create solutions.  

This initiative is a great way to provide your students with experiential learning opportunities and apply their skills, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to challenges facing our community to shape a better future for our region.

Interested in collaborating? Regional projects can be found on the CityStudio website

2024 Potential Projects

CityStudio has identified the following possible projects for collaboration in 2024. Learn more about them and how to potentially get involved:

2022 Projects

  • Health and the Environment – Connecting the Links - Region of Durham’s Health Department would like to promote awareness about how Health is linked to our Environment and what can we do to sustain healthy environments.
  • Passive Odour Treatment for Gravity Sewers - Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is a naturally produced gas from wastewater. Over time it breaks down the walls of our gravity sewers and force mains. It is necessary to passively remove H2S to extend the remaining useful life of Durham Region's infrastructure.
  • Workplace Modernization Hybrid Work and Organizational Culture - Durham Region has initiated a Workplace Modernization project. The initial intent of the project was to update the physical workspace to optimize the existing building and defer expansion requirements for several years. A hybrid work model was always proposed as part of this strategy and the quick pivot to remote working during the pandemic solidified the potential for this model.

Winter 2021 Projects

  • Black History Month Virtual Event
  • The social and economic impact of the Child Care Fee Subsidy Program
  • Measuring the health of our local economy
  • Preparing Durham for District Energy
  • Comprehensive Waste Management Plan and Assessment
  • Advancing Vision Zero by Influencing Driver Attitudes and Behaviours
  • Community Hubs for Vulnerable Populations
  • Virtual Medicine for Seniors
  • Staffing Stability in Long-Term Care

Fall 2020 Projects

  • Community Hubs for Vulnerable Populations
  • Social/Medical Restoration and Recovery Strategy
  • The Economic Impact of Municipal Investments
  • How can Durham Prepare for Decommissioning of the Pickering Nuclear Facility?
  • Advancing Vision Zero by Influencing Driver Attitudes and Behaviours
  • Barriers to Accessing Services for People with Disabilities
  • Impact of Digital Transformation on Urban Growth

For additional information, please reach out to our team at