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Allocations of Research Support Fund grants

Funding the university has received from the Research Support Fund over the past four years can be viewed in the graph below. The university was allocated:

  • $1,773,547 in 2018-2019
  • $1,673,236 in 2017-2018
  • $1,514,752 in 2016-2017
  • $1,587,939 in 2015-2016

Bar graph of 4 years allocation of Research Support Fund

Funds are allocated to defray expenditures in the following categories:

The funding is allocated to the categories by the following process:

  • Central allocation: Annually, a portion of the research support program is allocated to maintain the current level of services and support the research environment. Specifically funds go towards the costs in the following categories:
    • Research facilities to defray the cost of utilities in research space and renovate and update laboratory space.
    • Research resources to defray the costs associated with the acquisition of library research holdings and maintain subscriptions to electronic journals and databases.
    • Management and administration to defray the costs of technicians to maintain shared research equipment, support grants administration and financial compliance and reporting.
    • Regulatory requirements and accreditation to maintain the operation of the Research Ethics Board, the Animal Care Committee, the Radiation Safety Committee and the Biosafety Committee.
    • Intellectual property and knowledge mobilization to support the management of intellectual property and the maintenance of the existing patent portfolio.