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Institute for Cyber Security and Resilient Systems (ICSRS)

Logo for the Institute of Cybersecurity and Resilient Systems (ICSRS)The Faculty of Business and Information Technology has taken a major initiative to develop a cybersecurity research institute, called the Institute for Cyber Security and Resilient Systems (ICSRS), with a mandate to research the intersection of technical, legal, social, economic and ethical implications of privacy, security and trust technologies. The institute will create a focal point within Ontario Tech University, for research, teaching, and outreach in the field of cyber security protection (e.g. critical infrastructure protection, identity management, protection from social engineering, secure software system, password protection) to enhance online and offline cyber protection and innovation. The focus of the Institute will be broadly to examine issues surrounding the use and protection of emerging technologies in both public and private sectors. 

Contact information:

Khalil El-Khatib, PhD
Professor, Faculty of Business and Information Technology
Ontario Tech University