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Undergraduate Research Awards

If you are looking to gain more hands-on experience in your field of study and work with leading professors on innovative research, our university offers a number of undergraduate research awards for summer project opportunities.

Undergraduate Research Award recipients will engage in 12 to 16 weeks of full-time research activity under the supervision of a University of Ontario Institute of Technology professor. They will gain research experience in an exciting academic setting while receiving financial support. In late August, recipients will be required to present their research as a poster at the Student Research Showcase

2019 Undergraduate Research Awards

  • Available awards: Am I eligible to apply?

    To apply, students must meet the following requirements:

    • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada (International students are eligible for the UOIT Student Training Assistantships in Research (STAR) award only).
    • Be a registered student (at the time you apply) in a bachelor’s degree program.
    • Have obtained, over the previous years of study, a cumulative average of at least B- (70 per cent or 2.7 grade points).
    • Have completed at least one full year of university coursework (two full academic semesters) by the start of the research project (May 2019).

    The university offers two awards in support of undergraduate research. Please read the information provided on each research award below for additional requirements.


    • Two awards available per faculty.
    • Open to Canadian citizens, permanent residents and international students registered in a bachelor’s degree program at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.


    • The 2019 Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Undergraduate Student Research Award (NSERC USRA) quota is roughly 30.
    • Open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents registered in a bachelor’s degree program in one of the following faculties:
      • Business and Information Technology
      • Energy Systems and Nuclear Science
      • Engineering and Applied Science
      • Health Sciences
      • Science
  • How do I apply?

    There is one application process for the Undergraduate Research Awards program.

    Step 1: Choose a research project

    Students may select a maximum of two summer projects from the project summaries listed in the Available research projects section below. We encourage students to choose two projects they are interested in so they have a backup in case their first choice is awarded to another student.

    Note: You may apply to projects outside of your faculty, provided you hold the skills and qualifications identified in the project description. For example, students in the Faculty of Science may apply to projects listed in the Faculty of Health Sciences if they meet the qualifications listed in the project description.

    Step 2: Complete your electronic application package 

    This application package includes:

    Note: Non-University of Ontario Institute of Technology students who do not have transcripts from the university do not fill out this request but must instead provide a hard copy of their transcripts from their university.

    Read the detailed application instructions.

  • Deadline

    All Undergraduate Research Award e-packages must be submitted as an attachment to by Monday, January 21 at 4 p.m. You will receive an automatic email confirming receipt of your email immediately, followed by a personal confirmation of receipt in the next few days confirming that your application is complete and functional.  

    Non-University of Ontario Institute of Technology students must submit a hard copy of their transcripts form their university to the Office of Research Services by the application deadline.


    Campus Corners

    Mailing address:

    Student Research
    Office of Research Services, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
    Campus Corners
    2000 Simcoe Street North
    Oshawa, Ontario L1H 7K4

    Note: Results of the Undergraduate Research Awards competition will be communicated to all students via email in March or April 2019.

  • Available research projects

    Select the faculty you are interested in below. Note: You may apply for projects outside of the faculty you are enrolled in if you hold the qualifications listed.

    Faculty of Business and Information Technology

    Faculty of Education

    Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

    Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science


    Faculty of Science

    Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

  • Project work term and duration

    All research projects supported by Undergraduate Research Awards (URA) will take place in the summer term between Monday, May 6 and Friday, August 23, 2019. Specific dates will depend on the type of award you receive and will be outlined in your letter of offer (all projects will be from 12 to 16 weeks in duration).

    Competition timeline

    Monday, January 21

    • URA application deadline.

    February 2019

    • Selection process.

    March/April 2019

    • Results are communicated to all students and successful students sign contracts.

    May 2019

    • Award holders begin full-time research work on the designated project.
    • NSERC USRA recipients and their supervisors submit a separate application to NSERC directly.

    August 2019

    • Successful award recipients present a poster at the Student Research Showcase in late August.
  • Contact information

    Please read all information carefully, including the Frequently asked questions section.

    Questions about the Undergraduate Research Awards program should be sent to

  • Frequently asked questions

    The application form has a space for the potential faculty supervisor to provide an e-signature. Is this signature necessary? How do I get it?

    Students must email prospective faculty supervisors before the application deadline to discuss their interest in the research project and qualifications; supervisors may want to meet in person before endorsing a candidate. To be considered for a specific project, students must obtain the faculty supervisor’s e-signature on their application form. Applications that do not have faculty signatures will not be accepted. Faculty members have the right to decline signing your application if they feel you do not have the necessary skills for their project.

    We recommend that you contact any prospective faculty supervisors well in advance of the application deadline by email to set up an appointment. You should discuss your interest in the project and qualifications during your meeting. We strongly recommend you bring an unofficial copy of your transcript to this meeting. 

    I am currently in the fourth (or last) year of my degree; can I still apply for the Undergraduate Research Awards Program?

    Yes. Fourth-year students can apply for the Undergraduate Research Awards program provided they meet the following two criteria: 

    • Registered in a university undergraduate program at the time of application (January 2019).
    • Have not started a graduate program. You may accept a graduate position for the Fall 2019 term; however, you may not begin your graduate studies while holding an undergraduate research award.

    I am an international student enrolled in an undergraduate program at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology; am I eligible for an Undergraduate Research Award?

    International students registered in a bachelor’s degree program at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology are eligible to receive the UOIT STAR. The NSERC USRA award is restricted to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada, according to NSERC. 

    My cumulative GPA is below 2.7; should I still apply?

    A cumulative GPA of 2.7 is required by the federal granting councils to receive an undergraduate research award. The Undergraduate Research Awards are highly competitive. Most students who have received an award in the past hold GPAs much higher than the 2.7 minimum.

    I am not a University of Ontario Institute of Technology student; am I eligible to hold an award?

    Students who are not registered at our university may apply for an NSERC award, provided they meet all of the eligibility criteria (e.g. GPA, citizenship, etc). The STAR awards are only available to our students.

    My transcript is being ordered from another university; what if it doesn’t make the application deadline?

    It is the responsibility of the applicant ordering transcripts from institutions outside the University of Ontario Institute of Technology to ensure enough time is given for their arrival by the application deadline. You should contact the transcript office at your previous institution to ask about delivery times, and plan accordingly. To ensure fairness, late transcripts will not be accepted and the corresponding applications will not be considered for awards.

    Can I apply to work on a research project in a faculty other than my own?

    You may apply to work on projects outside of your faculty as long as you hold the skills and qualifications listed in the project summaries on our website. 

    What is the spacing requirement and page limit for the Statement of Interest?

    The Statement of Interest is limited within the form to just less than one page.

    Can I apply to more than one project?

    Yes. We encourage students to choose two projects they are interested in so they have a backup in case their first choice is awarded to another student. You can apply to a maximum of two projects.

    Do I need a separate application or Statement of Interest for each project I apply to?

    Students may submit only one application and one Statement of Interest. If you are applying to two research projects, you must list both projects on your application form and discuss both projects in your Statement of Interest.

    Will including a resume/CV help my application?

    Please do not include a resume/curriculum vitae (CV) with your application. If any are submitted they will be removed from your application package. This will ensure all Selection Committees choose successful applicants in a fair manner using the same amount of information for each applicant.

    How do I submit my application?

    Completed applications (with all e-signatures) should be saved as a PDF with the filename [LASTNAME]_2019_URA_Application.pdf and emailed as an attachment to by the application deadline. Early submissions are encouraged.

    How will I know my application has been received?

    You will receive an automatic reply from the Student Research email as soon as your email is received. If you do not receive the automatic reply, please resend your email. You will also receive a personal confirmation from an ORS team member within a few days of submitting your application confirming that we are able to open the application document and that it is complete. If you do not receive this personal confirmation within five business days of submitting your application, please contact

    If I miss the deadline to submit my application, is there a chance it will still be accepted?

    No. To ensure fairness and to allow us to start the application review procedures immediately, the deadline is firm and late applications will not be accepted after the deadline date has passed.

    My question was not answered in this list; whom can I contact?

    All other inquiries regarding the Undergraduate Research Awards program can be sent to

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