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2015 Best Poster Award Winners

2015 Student Research Showcase


Student name(s)

Poster title


Business and Information Technology

Christopher Bellman and Albert Fung Studying the Feasibility of Subconscious Image Classification Using Brain-Computer Interfaces Miguel Vargas Martin, PhD, and Ramiro Liscano, PhD


Jennifer Nelson Examining Canadian Teachers’ Codes of Conduct Shirley van Nuland, PhD

Energy Systems and Nuclear Science

Ryan Murphy-Snow Examining the Sustainability of Ontario’s Energy Use Jennifer McKellar, PhD

Engineering and Applied Science

Jessica Bauer Classifier Accuracy for Detection of Electric Vehicles from Residential House Loads for Smart Meter Applications Walid Morsi Ibrahim, PhD

Health Sciences

Denise Polgar Improving Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Rates in the Durham Region to Enhance Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survival Outcomes Brenda Gamble, PhD


Cory Falconer and Ke Ma Creating a Standardization Variable to Assist Law Enforcement in Classification of Firearms as Either Lethal or Non-Lethal Franco Gaspari, PhD and Kimberly Nugent

Social Science and Humanities 

Rebecca Anne Bloom and Jennifer O'Connell The Dark Side of Perspective-Taking Matthew Shane, PhD