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Intellectual property

UOIT's intellectual property (IP) policy states that all academic personnel, including faculty, post-docs and students, own the IP they create in the course of their teaching, research and other scholarly activities. In other words, UOIT is an inventor-owned institution. This right of ownership of IP comes with certain responsibilities. More information about your rights and responsibilities related to intellectual property created in the course of your studies at UOIT can be found on the researcher rights and obligations page.

IP consists of tangible forms of creations of the mind. Ideas are not IP. Inventions, written works, drawings, bred plants and industrial designs are. Like all forms of property, the ownership and rights associated with IP are dictated by national laws and acts of federal governments.

The Office of Research Services is here to help you understand your rights and the options for developing your intellectual property, and how to access resources that will help you do this. Contact us at for more information.

For more information about intellectual property, visit one of the pages below:

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