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Collaborate with Ontario Tech

Through partnership, we expand the scope of our teaching and research. This enables us to make a positive impact on the social, health and economic well-being of people worldwide such as ensuring safe drinking water for those living in developing countries or using Big Data to develop a ‘wellness ecosystem’ that supports advanced clinical decision-making for premature infants facing life-threatening complications.

We believe successful partnerships require shared vision and values, which become the cornerstone for the development of innovative and transformative research projects. We value our partnerships and continue to seek opportunities for the ongoing growth and development of these relationships while fostering new ones.

Working with us will enable you to:

  • Address your direct challenges and improve your overall business practices and strategies.
  • Determine cost-efficiency strategies.
  • Achieve greater capacity and project scope.
  • Maximize talent to help enhance your productivity and meet your objectives.
  • Access top talent, including both undergraduate and graduate students, adding significant value to your research team.

How we can help  

Working with us, you will have access to:

We can help you maximize your research investment by helping you leverage funding from provincial and federal programs, and facilitate meaningful interactions. We can also connect you to individuals and research programs that can help support your business or organizational goals including: 

  • Research chairs: we continually look for ways to form strategic alliances between our Canada Research Chairs and industry leaders. These partnerships focus on fundamental and applied research that directly impacts our target market and helps transform innovative ideas into real-world solutions.
  • Technology and knowledge transfer and commercialization: depending on your area of interest, we can provide unique opportunities for you to acquire proprietary technology from our intellectual property portfolio through licensing or the support of startup companies.
  • Professional development: customized workshop and training opportunities can help meet the unique needs of your business or organization and help you improve your management, leadership and communication expertise in order to enhance your day-to-day operations.
  • Expertise sharing: give back by sharing your expertise and industry knowledge to help ensure our academic programs remain current and relevant.