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A research and student team led by Mr. Sharman Perera and Dr. Anthony Waker recently developed a cost effective and highly efficient neutron detection system at the Ontario Tech University XY Labs. The Automated Neutron Spectroscopy (ANS) System is a geometry changing neutron detector which will automatically fill with working fluid at specified intervals while taking readings for the number of neutron counts. As the thickness of the working fluid increases, the BF3 (Boron tri-Floride) detector will be pulled upwards by an automated pulley system to ensure the detector always remains in the center of the volume of the moderator. The system then organizes all neutron versus thickness data points in real time and processes it through the ANS software to determine the spectrum of the source producing the neutrons using an unfolding technique. Target Markets: Nuclear Power/Waste, CBRNE, Defense, Neutron detection


The introduction of a simple, yet robust, novel and reliable method of producing 99Mo using CANDU reactors to support the future of medical imaging. Relevant markets: nuclear industry, medical-isotope producers and the fuel-bundle production industry.

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An easy-to-use handheld device that can triage a patient in less than 20 seconds to determine radioactive exposure in the case of a nuclear accident. Target markets: first responders, military, nuclear power plants and health care (emergency medical services).

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