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Health Sciences/ Science

The development of new nanopore technology to support the next generation of sequencing platforms. Relevant markets: nanofluidic, next-generation sequencing, biomedical, filtration and life sciences.

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A short interfering RNA that incorporates an azobenzene moiety into the central region of
the sense strand providing greater stability to the siRNA and also allows to control the siRNA’s activity via
UV or visible light for inactivation or activation respectively.
Target Markets: Research Tools; Genomics; siRNA


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A ground-breaking technology that eliminates interference from naturally occurring metal ions such as lead, zinc and copper so that arsenic-contaminated drinking water can be reported more quickly and reliably worldwide. Target markets: water quality, mining, research tools and food quality.

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The development of an innovative testing method for measuring iron concentration in solutions and for purification of iron contaminated solutions. Target markets: water filtration/testing, biotechnology, research tools, food quality and health-care diagnostic testing.

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A unique technology that increases the applications of electro-spinning parameters, which can be used for multiple applications ranging from tissue engineering to nanocomposite fabrication. Target markets: biomedical, filtration, energy storage, protective clothing, sensors and industrial applications.

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