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Strategic Research Plan

UOIT's Strategic Plan shows how the university challenges, innovates and connects with our communities. Our strategic plan drives many activities at our university, from producing inspiring leaders, to creating new partnerships and lasting relationships.

The strategic plan guides UOIT's Strategic Mandate Agreement with the Province of Ontario, which will be renewed in 2017. Our university's first three-year Strategic Mandate Agreement allowed the university to define the areas in which it excels. As it is now time to create a new strategic mandate agreement, the Office of the Provost is hosting a series of town hall meetings that will focus on how the goals of the strategic plan can be best implemented in the new strategic mandate agreement.

Michael Owen, PhD, UOIT's Vice-President Research, Innovation and International presented at a town hall held on February 14, 2017. The presentation focused on the research and innovation strategy aspect of the agreement; it is available for download

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