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NSERC launches five-year strategic plan

  • The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) released NSERC 2020, a strategic plan for the next five years.

CIHR  open suite of programs and peer review process

Additional questions and answers (Q&As) regarding the new open suite of programs and peer review process are now available on CIHR’s website. These Q&As reflect discussions CIHR has had with the research community since the release of the Designing for the Future: The New Open Suite of Programs and Peer Review Process document. In addition to the Q&As, three fact sheets outlining the foundation and project schemes, as well as the transition to the new design, have been prepared and are posted on the CIHR Reforms website. We encourage you to share these resources with your community to provide them with the most recent information on this important initiative.

  • Reforms of Open Programs and peer review: Questions and answers

Fact sheets

  • Foundation scheme 
  • Project scheme
  • Transition

NSERC Research Portal and Canadian Common CV (CCV)

This spring NSERC will launch its new research portal and begin using the Canadian Common CV (CCV). The research portal will be used to manage application and peer review processes, acceptance of awards, notification of results and reporting.

The transition to the research portal and the CCV will be phased in gradually (i.e. program by program). The research portal and CCV will be used for the upcoming Discovery Grant (DG) competition (including the DG Notification of Intent, which is due Monday, August 1). Currently, applicants to all programs other than DG (e.g. Research Tools and Instruments program) will continue to use the old NSERC On-line System for now. All NSERC programs will be migrated to the new portal by late 2015.

Applications to the Discovery Grant program, including the DG Notification of Intent, will require the Canadian Common CV (CCV). If you are planning to submit a DG application this year, you should register as soon as possible with CCV. 

Please note: There is no way to have your information transferred from your existing F100 into the CCV.  If you already have a CCV account, note that the architecture was changed summer 2012, so you will need to verify information that was migrated from the old system. Start with the generic format; the NSERC CCV template is not yet available on the CCV website, but will be available shortly; any information you enter into the generic format will be captured in the NSERC CCV when it becomes available. Not all information will be required, so start with the basics. For example, enter publications, etc., only for the past six (2007-2013) years for now. Anticipate that it will take longer than you think to prepare your CCV.

The Office of Research Services will provide regular email updates on the transition to the CCV. Updates on the following will be provided as information becomes available:

  • We will notify you when the NSERC CCV template is available on the CCV website. At that point, researchers should start entering their data in the CCV system.
  • We will notify you of which NSERC programs will be adopting the CCV and when they will be doing so.
  • We will notify you of NSERC CCV webinars and information sessions.
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