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Equity, diversity and inclusion in Canada Research Chairs

Innovation begins with the person behind a good idea. Canada attracts a unique array of international and national peoples possessing various talents, skills, experiences and perspectives from whom brilliant ideas are born. Inspired by our Canadian mosaic, Ontario Tech University chooses to encourage a unified culture that produces high-impact research where ideas from all members—including Indigenous Peoples, LGBTQ2+ persons, persons with disabilities, racialized persons, and women—are championed and have the opportunity to flourish. Our university is committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive community. By refusing to leave talent on the sidelines, we encourage richer discussions, heightened creativity and ground-breaking discoveries that lead to high-quality research results.

The university is committed to raising awareness about the importance of equity, diversity and inclusion within not only our Canada Research Chairs (CRC) Program, but also within the research enterprise as a whole. Our strategy for achieving this mission can be accessed at the button below labelled CRC Awareness Strategy and Action Plan.

More information on the equity, diversity and inclusion practices of the CRC Program is available on the CRC website including the 2019 Addendum to the 2006 Canadian Human Rights Settlement Agreement, program statistics and the program’s Requirements for Recruiting and Nominating Canada Research Chairs.

On May 9, 2019, we joined universities across Canada to advance institutional equity, diversity and inclusion, with the signing of the Dimensions charter. Read about Ontario Tech President signs new equity, diversity and inclusion charter.

For questions or concerns relating to equity, diversity or inclusion at the university, contact Jamie Bruno, Assistant Vice-President, Human Resources.