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2016 Best Poster Award Winners

UOIT Student Research Showcase 2016

The table below includes a list of the best poster award winners for the 2016 Student Research Showcase, held on August 25. To view or download a copy of a winning poster, please click on the poster title. 


Student name

Poster title


Business and Information Technology

Ralph Laite Optimization of Agent-based Modeling Simulation with Neural Networks Dr. Karthik Sankaranarayanan


Sara Kyriakopoulos Tale of a Two-Year Initial Teacher Education Program Expansion: Examining the Development, Implementation, and Outcome of One Ontario Program Dr. Diana Petrarca

Energy Systems and Nuclear Science

Devarsh Pandya Thermochemical Hydrogen Production System Integration: Linkage of Thermolysis and Electrolysis Dr. Brian Ikeda

Engineering and Applied Science

Jacob Morra Empirical Evaluation of Python-based Tools for Distributed Computing on the Raspberry Pi Dr. Qusay Mahmoud

Health Sciences

Cameron Wright Heated High Flow Nasal Cannula Use at the Hospital for Sick Children: A Retrospective Chart Review Dr. Mika Nonoyama


Sierra Dargan Proteomic Investigations of the Ethylene Response in Komagataeibacter spp. Dr. Janice Strap

Social Science and Humanities

Maria Victoria Navy Responsibility to Protect and Indigenous Peoples Dr. Natalie Oman

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