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The Future of Tech With a Conscience

In every facet of our lives, humans perpetually interact with technology. While at work, during our personal time, to monitor our health and even to drive our vehicles, these interactions often lead to greater productivity and an enhanced quality of life. But our immersion in and fascination with technology can also distract, frustrate and even harm us.

What does it mean to develop technology with a conscience? What are our obligations to use technology responsibly? How can we improve the designs of new technological innovations while carefully considering their societal impact? 

Join us on Thursday, May 2 as we explore the latest discoveries and issues at the intersection of humans and technology. The Futures Forum will engage leading experts on three key themes:

  • Everyday Human-Machine Interactions
  • Technology and Privacy
  • Digital Competencies in the New Millennium 


Thursday, May 2 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.


University of Ontario Institute of Technology
61 Charles Street Building
Oshawa, Ontario


Online registration available until Friday, April 26.


Watch the Future of Tech with a Conscience live stream - Morning session

Watch the Future of Tech with a Conscience live stream - Afternoon session

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